Ficus Benjamina(weeping fig): Best evergreen tree…

Ficus Benjamina(weeping fig) Plant
In the world of evergreen trees, one species stands out like a graceful sentinel, With its graceful drooping branches and ...
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Rangoon creeper(Madhumalti) Plant: types, grow, care..

Rangoon creeper (Madhumalti) Plant
The Rangoon creeper, also known as Madhumalti and Burma creeper, is a wonderful flowering plant that can add a touch ...
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Best 20 Flowers for Terrace Garden

Best 15 Flowers for Terrace Garden
Flowers have an incredible power to transform any space, and a terrace garden is the best example. The correct flower ...
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Terrace Garden Plants Idea

terrace garden plants idea
Terrace gardens, also known as rooftop gardens, are constructed on rooftops, balconies, or terraces as elevated green areas. Plants that ...
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Garlic Vine Plant Flowering Season

Garlic Vine(Mansoa alliacea)
Introduction Explore the interesting environment of garlic vine plant throughout their flowering season. The world of plants is magical, and ...
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