Best 20 Flowers for Terrace Garden

Flowers have an incredible power to transform any space, and a terrace garden is the best example. The correct flower selection may make all the difference, regardless of gardening experience level. Let’s look at the Best 15 flowers for terrace garden that will provide colour, scent, and a hint of nature in your terrace garden.


A terrace garden is a part of your living area and a private oasis, alongside a space for plants. Choosing the right flowers is essential to create a cosy and attractive space. We look at the top 15 flowers that will make a big impression on your garden terrace. Every flower on this list has its unique charm, from fragrant flowers to vibrant blooms.

Best 20 Flowers for Terrace Garden

The Floral Symphony

1. Roses: Timeless Elegance

Roses (Rosa)-terrace-garden

Roses are associated with beauty and elegance for a reason. You can add your outside area with a lovely touch by using roses, especially the tiny and climbing types, which are perfect for terrace gardens. These versatile flowers come in various colours like classic red or soft pink, and roses add a touch of attractiveness to your terrace.

2. Lavender: A Fragrant Delight


If you want the soothing scent of lavender wafting through your terrace, then lavender is a great option because of its resilient nature and aromatic properties. These purple blooms not only have a wonderful scent, but they also draw important insects that help maintain a balanced environment in your garden.

3. Tulips: Springtime Splendor


Tulips will add a touch of beauty from spring to your terrace garden. You may showcase these lovely plants on a seasonal basis by using container gardening. plants in a variety of colours to create a visually attractive terrace.

4. Daisies: Simple Delights


Daisies are a timeless option for terrace gardens because of their peaceful and loving nature. That’s why gardeners love these flowers. These cheery flowers give your garden a hint of innocence and purity.

Nurturing Your Blooms

5. Hydrangeas: Colorful Elegance

Hydrangeas, with their gorgeous and abundant blooms, are a popular addition to gardens all over the world. Hydrangeas offer a splash of colours, and interestingly, the pH level of the soil determines their hues.

6. Geraniums: Bold and Beautiful


Geraniums are the best for a pop of colour. They are a popular option for terrace gardens because of their variety in tones. With their vibrant, bold colours, geraniums are a striking addition. Their resilience makes them perfect for terrace gardens

7. Orchids: Exotic Allure

Orchids are a great option for an exotic touch. Orchids give an air of refinement to your outdoor retreat and are surprisingly robust despite their fragile appearance.

Crafting a Blooming Haven

8. Petunias: Cascading Beauty

Arrange petunia baskets to create a rainbow of colours. These easy-care flowers bloom all summer long, decorating your terrace with a colourful tapestry. The majority of petunia species are annual herbs. The best part is that petunias grow incredibly well in containers as well as in gardens.

9. Marigolds: Warding off Pests


Bright and cheery blooming plants, marigolds are known for their unique scent, which is frequently characterised as musky or spicy. They are well-liked options for gardens since they provide scenes with a pop of colour and a cosy feel.

10. Lilies: Majestic Presence

Lilies are beautiful flowering plants that dazzle with their graceful and vivid flowers. They are a favourite in gardens and floral arrangements because of their unusual trumpet-shaped flowers, which are adorned with six petal-like tepals and release a fragrant allure that runs from sweet to spicy.

11. Snapdragons: Playful Elegance

These plants, which are well-known for having unusual floral structures, are named for their funny “snapdragon-shaped” tubular blooms that, when squeezed, resemble a dragon’s face. These plants come in a variety of colours like pink, red, orange, yellow, and white. Their distinctive blossoms create a vertical impact on the landscape when they are grouped in thick spikes along tall, upright stems.

Maximizing Sunlight Exposure

12. Morning Glories: Sunrise Spectacle

The trumpet-shaped blooms of morning glory plants, which unfold in the morning light, are what make them colourful and captivating blooming plants. Shades of blue, purple, pink, and white are among a rainbow of colours. These climate-tolerant, quick-growing vines are well-liked in gardens and landscapes because they do well in full sun and well-drained soil.

13. Daffodils: Welcoming Spring Early

Daffodils are colourful, captivating springtime blooms that fascinate with their golden tones. Daffodils add a brilliant presence to gardens, parks, and landscapes. They are exceptionally resilient and flourish in well-drained soil. Pollinators like bees and butterflies are drawn to them because of their delicious aroma.

Watering Wisdom

14. Bleeding Hearts: Moisture-Loving Delicacies


A fascinating perennial plant known for its one-of-a-kind and entrancing blossoms is called bleeding hearts. The distinctive heart-shaped blossoms of Bleeding Hearts. Usually blooming in the spring, the plant gives gardens and landscapes a touch of elegance.

15. Coneflowers: Drought-Tolerant Beauties

Coneflowers are a colourful and resilient perennial plant species that provide gardens and landscapes with a pop of colour. encircled by petals that can be white, pink, purple, or other colours. These drought-tolerant plants are a favourite of pollinators like butterflies and bees, and they grow well in a range of soil types.

Creative Container Gardening

16. Pansies: Compact and Colorful

These brightly coloured, heart-shaped flowers have a unique “face,” with dark centre outlines that mimic a human face. Pansies are multicoloured flowers that produce a visual feast in gardens and landscapes.

17. Nasturtiums: Edible Blooms

Nasturtiums are captivating flowering plants with spherical, distinctive leaves and colourful blossoms. They look good in hanging baskets and ground cover gardens because of their bushy or trailing growth patterns.

The Final Flourish

18. Carnations: Symbol of Love

These blossoms are available in a variety of colours, including traditional white, vibrant red, gentle pink, and numerous bicolour combinations. Carnations are timeless and elegant flowers that have been grown for ages, adding beauty to gardens, bouquets, and floral arrangements.

19. Zinnias: Burst of Colors

Zinnias are well-liked for gardening and floral arrangements because of their bright colour and durable blossoms. Their flowers are coloured in shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, and white, resembling daisies. Its lengthy flowering season and low maintenance requirements make it an excellent choice.

20. Chrysanthemums: Autumnal Elegance

Chrysanthemums, sometimes called “mums,” are beloved flowering plants because of their colourful and varied flowers. Chrysanthemums are a common choice for gardens, flower displays, and traditional remedies because of their adaptability and capacity to flourish in a variety of conditions.

Can I grow hydrangeas in pots on my balcony?

Yes, many hydrangea varieties adapt well to container gardening, making them suitable for balconies.

Can I grow these flowers indoors if I don’t have a terrace?

Certainly! Many of these flowers adapt well to indoor conditions, provided they receive adequate sunlight. Consider placing them near a sunny window to enjoy their beauty indoors.

Are there flowers that attract specific pollinators?

Absolutely! Flowers like lavender, coneflowers, and zinnias are known for attracting bees and butterflies. Creating a pollinator-friendly environment ensures the ecological balance of your terrace garden.

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