Starting Your Fall Vegetables From Seed

It has been a pretty hot this summer. So you may think that it is way too hot to start seeds of fall and winter vegetables or it is too soon, but there is such a thing as ‘right timing’. You don’t want to miss that “timing” to grow plants to their fullest potential. The cabbage family vegetables like Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts should be started from seeds this month. Brussels Sprouts in particular have small window of opportunity to grow so they need to be started now.
Come join Mia this Sunday at 11:00 a.m for class in ‘Starting Vegetables and Flowers from Seeds’.   It will be fun.

Nectarine “Double Delight”

Nectarine ‘Double Delight’ is not named in vane. It blooms with large, double pink flowers for over a month in the spring. Then in late June starts with juicy, tangy, super sweet fruits. They are free-stoned, so when you had enough of fresh fruits you can easily freeze or cook.

Nectarine Double Delight1                  Nectarine Double Delight2

Fertilizing Your Deciduous Fruit Trees in Summer

Deciduous fruit trees hardly need nitrogen fertilizer. Instead, they are benefitted from the application of phosphorus and potassium like prepared fertilizer 0-10-10 this month. Trees are initiating fruiting bud set in June, so these 2 macro nutrients help the process.
0-10-10 should also be given to your blueberry bushes this month to help them with their fall fruiting.
The same application is repeated again in January.
Happy growing!


June is almost over. If you grow fragrant varieties of Lavender, you need to hurry up and harvest the flowers for culinary and craft use.
In the morning before it gets hot, pick flowers that are not yet open.
Hang them in a cool dark area for 3-4 days. I hang mine in a laundry room with doors open during the days.
Good varieties are Lavandula intermedia ‘Grosso’ and ‘Provence’. They are known for perfume quality oil. I make Lavender salt with them. Lavandula angustifolias are English Lavenders. ‘Hidcote’ has one of the darkest flowers. English lavenders are good for scenting sugar and desert.
The photos are of ‘Grosso’ the darker and slender flower, and ‘Provence’ the lighter and more open flower cluster.provence lavender1 provence lavender2provence3

Provence                                                              Grosso




Time to prune your Deciduous Fruit Trees

It is the busiest time of the year in the garden. One of the jobs is pruning of deciduous fruit trees. Today I pruned my ‘Minnie Royal’ cherry. Minnie is a lot more vigorous than her mate ‘Royal Minnie’. I shortened branches and opened up her crown so the sun light reaches all the way through her.
I found some suckers at the base, so I plucked them. Make sure you pluck suckers from the root stock instead of cutting them, otherwise they grow back by five fold.


Minnie Royal

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