Thinning Fruit Early

thinning fruit

Your early varieties of large fruits like ‘May Pride’ Peach and ‘Desert Delight’ Nectarine start forming fruits. The photo shows a 14″ section of ‘Eva’s Pride’ Peach. This branch should have 2 fruits and the rest need to be picked off. I know it’s a tough job. You may think ‘I could have a lot more fruits if I did’t.’ It was hard for me, too, but trust me You’ll have 2 huge, sweet and juicy peaches in 2 months. Way better than whole bunch of small and mediocre ones. Also, those 2 fruits should be closer in the tree rather than towards the branch tip. Happy spring!

Winter fruit tree care

If you grow fruit trees, this is an important time to ensure successful season ahead of us.

Look at your citrus trees. If you notice new growth like in the photo, it is a very good time to prune them to shape and keep them from getting too big. It also help them wake up if they haven’t grown much for a long time with appropriate feeding. Feed citrus trees with more nitrogen four times a year especially if they are young trees.


Due to warm winter many deciduous fruit trees haven’t lost their leaves.

deciduosdefoliate       deciduousdefoliate2

I had to hand-pick leaves from my ‘Anna’ Apple,Royal’Apricot, ‘Greengage’Plum and others. Collect all leaves and discard. Don’t use them as mulch. If you haven’t spray with dormant spray, do so before buds open. I have my trees both citrus and deciduous fruit trees annual application of Bu’s Blend.
Look for my next post on thinning flowers and baby fruits for better harvest. Happy gardening!




‘Kalettes’ is a new vegetable hybridized between kale and Brusselsprouts. It was developed by an English seed company after 12 years of development. Kalettes grow like Brusselsprouts except instead of having baby cabbages growing on the stem, they have purplish baby kales. Its flavors are sweet and nutty, and great raw and sautéed. Kalettes are new introduction in Fall 2014, and Cedros Gardens has limited quantity in 4″ containers.

If you google Kalettes, many posts say Kalettes are GMO. That is far, far from the truth. Kalettes are hybrid vegetables between similar species. Just to touch on the subject of GMO, they are products of gene splicing, mixing different kingdoms. A good example is corn having bacteria gene to fight off European corn worms. Something like that never happens in nature. On the other hand, hybridization often happens in nature, by wind, birds, bees and more. We humans create new varieties of ornamentals and edibles for better color, better flavors, longer shelf life for whatever reasons. It is similar with spices in a controlled environment.  So, we all need to educate ourselves.

Starting Your Fall Vegetables From Seed

It has been a pretty hot this summer. So you may think that it is way too hot to start seeds of fall and winter vegetables or it is too soon, but there is such a thing as ‘right timing’. You don’t want to miss that “timing” to grow plants to their fullest potential. The cabbage family vegetables like Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts should be started from seeds this month. Brussels Sprouts in particular have small window of opportunity to grow so they need to be started now.
Come join Mia this Sunday at 11:00 a.m for class in ‘Starting Vegetables and Flowers from Seeds’.   It will be fun.

Nectarine “Double Delight”

Nectarine ‘Double Delight’ is not named in vane. It blooms with large, double pink flowers for over a month in the spring. Then in late June starts with juicy, tangy, super sweet fruits. They are free-stoned, so when you had enough of fresh fruits you can easily freeze or cook.

Nectarine Double Delight1                  Nectarine Double Delight2

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